Wolf Hunts

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Whether it's in the fall or the spring, adding a wolf tag to your hunt or solely enjoying a wolf hunt is an opportunity to bag one of north Americas most elusive trophies. We cater to both opportunity and single game hunts when it comes to wolves. These dogs have had too many free meals and can tip the scales at 130 lbs. So join us on one of our hunts and you may be able to experience the early morning gaze of this magnificent animal.

Wolf Only Hunts

In our catered hunts you will focus on the hunt of a wolf throught spot and stalk, or on prime feeding locations. Both seasonal hunts offer great opportunities to catch this allusive trophy, and it won't be a hunt you soon forget.


Opportunity Hunts

Whether your on that hunt or in a bear stand, there is always a chance you may have the opportunity to catch a wolf as you cross paths. It's always a disappointment for all when a sighted solve is watched while they walk away.

spring grey wolf


early morning wolf


black spring wolf

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